Growing hints and recommendations

Thinning and pruning

When we took over the orchard in 2006, a large number of the fruit trees were in an unhealthy, overcrowded state. It is taking time to get the whole orchard thinned out, mostly by removing one in every two trees. In some rows, however, we have removed five out of 6 trees.

By giving each tree enough space, they have enough soil to grow their roots in and enough air around their branches and leaves to stay healthy, and to grow healthy and tasty fruit.

Customer testimonials

"I can get organic fruit here but I love yours because it has so much more flavour."

"I'm so very pleased we'll get to enjoy oranges for another week. They are at their best now - so sweet and succulent."

"I have been buying some from the wholesaler for past few weeks and not nearly as good as yours. Actually just bumped into a customer this afternoon while I was out and she was raving about how much she adores your Tangelos hoping I would be getting more."

"I want to continue to order produce from you as it is preferred by our members to that of other suppliers as the quality, flavour, and preciseness of weight is superior to others."