Our produce

Fruit seasons

Here is an overview of the types of fruit we produce and the approximate period in which they are available. However, due to seasonal weather differences, crop times can differ from one year to another.


A real treat during autumn, our Fuyu persimmons are the sweet variety. Some like them firm and eat them like an apple but others like to wait until the fruit is fully ripe and soft. Some like them best just before they go soft, when they taste like melon.

For drying, we peel and slice some of our Fuyu persimmons when they are at their sweetest but still firm. The end product is pure fruit, nothing added.


The feijoa blossoms in November, but we have to wait until April/May before the ripe fruit is ready to be harvested. We sell feijoas fresh or dried.

For drying, we peel and slice some of our feijoas at their sweetest. The end product is pure fruit, nothing added.



Both Okitsu and Silverhill satsumas are harvested during May/June. They are easy to peel, seedless and have a mild, sweet flavour.


Clementine mandarins are available in winter. They are easy to peel and have a distinct flavour. They do have pips.


Ellendale mandarins are available in spring to early summer. They are large sized, easy to peel and have a fresh, sweet flavour.


Navel oranges:

Best Seedless

A smaller sized variety, our first navel oranges of the winter season. Easy peel, seedless and sweet.

Navel Washington / Navel Johnson

Navel Washington is a medium to large sized orange available from August to early spring. Easy peel seedless and sweet.

Valencia Oranges:

Harwood Late

They have a thin skin, hardly any pips and are easy to juice. The sweet and refreshing flavour makes it an appealing summer drink.

Lemons and limes

Kusaie lime

A versatile, small lime with a great taste. Available as a green lime in April and May, and thereafter as a yellow lime until early spring.

Meyer lemon

Presumably a cross between a true lemon and either a mandarin or an orange. Less acidic than true lemons. With their relatively thin skin they are easy to juice.


A giant lemon with lots of pips and pith. They can weigh up to a kilo or more.

Seedless Lisbon

A fragrant, versatile lemon.


Golden Special

This is a yellow grapefruit with a thin skin and yellow flesh, which can be sweet with just a hunch of bitterness when really ripe. Great for juicing and for eating.

Cutler Red

The Cutler Red has a beautiful thick, yellow/orange skin, with yellow flesh. Bitter-sweet when ripe.


A giant citrus fruit with a cushioning pith. More commonly found in the tropics. Peeling a pomelo is quite a ceremony and they are a feast to eat. They are fragrant, mild, sweet and slightly bitter to taste. They contain pips.


A cross between a navel orange and a lemon, they have a low-acid content and a mild lemony flavour.


Tangelo (Seminole)

A cross between a grapefruit and a mandarin. Our Seminole tangelo is semi-flat, with a thin and smooth skin. The fruit has a yellow to red peel. The flesh is very juicy and sweet.

New varieties

We have been planting some new varieties this year:

  • Wheeny - a summer grapefruit.
  • Seville orange - popular for making marmalade.
  • Encore - a summer mandarin.

They should give fruit in a few years' time.